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Own any car in the UAE with only 2 documents. Absolutely hassle-free. No credit history, no certificates required. Order a car for leasing-to-own in Dubai from TakeAuto.
TakeAuto works with the world's leading automakers
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Bentley Continental GT
Initial fee
Per month from:
Redemption payment:
The easiest & fastest way to get a car in the UAE
Only 2 documents
Only 25% down payment
The car is yours in 2 years
No hidden fees and fines
Any car you dream of
We need only your passport/ID and driving license. No credit history. No certificates required.
This amount is already included in the purchase of your car
At the end of the leasing period you pay a symbolic redemption payment of 1000 dirhams and the car becomes your entire property!
All payments are fixed and stipulated in the Leasing Agreement. We DO NOT charge late fees
Our experts will help you choose any car from the market — new or used, at the best price. The only term is that it should not be older than 2021
5 simple steps to get your dream car
Choose a car
Our experts will check it according to 125 parameters
Sign an agreement
In 1 or 2 years — the car is in your total ownership!
Make the down payment and take your car

Get a free consultation from our specialist right now

0 AED instead of 1500 AED
Car selection tailored to your needs
Lease-to-own calculation based on your capabilities
Car inspection covering 125 parameters
We have sold more than 200 cars in 1.5 years!
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With TakeAuto you will get

A personal manager available 24/7
Professional car experts who will select, inspect, and purchase a car for you
A security service that will be in touch with you after the car is delivered
The most enjoyable and straightforward experience of buying your dream car :)
A fixed lease-to-own program: down payment 15−25%, monthly payments for 12−24 months, redemption payment 1000 AED
The opportunity of same-day delivery for cars in stock
Payments methods
Bank transfer
Car financing through a loan
Leasing-to-own with TakeAuto
Less overpayment
Installment plans longer than 3 years
Lots of documents required
Check credit history and job certificates
Takes a lot of time
Some banks don't operate according to Islamic standards
Approval rate is really low
If you can't make payments on the loan, there will be significant penalties and fines
Difficult for expats to obtain
Perfect for expats
Only 2 documents required — passport/ID and driving license
Credit history is not checking, no job certificates required
Same-day delivery is available (for cars in stock)
Approval rate is 98%
Our operating principles are 100% halal, including the leasing agreement
NO fines or penalties
The overpayment is higher than the loan — due to us taking on ALL the risks
Limited leasing plans (maximum for 3 years)

Difference between leasing with buyout option and auto loan

Now, basically, we work under the order in UAE. We pick up the car at the request of the client from the market, or we will buy out hassle free the option that the client himself offered. Cars for leasing are not older than 2021. Our fleet is large and we offer a wide range of cars. Book now, what you want. You can get a new car for a long-term rental. About all the terms and conditions of our lease offers we can tell you more detailed when you contact us.

Rent luxury cars with Takeauto

Get in touch with our team to discover further information about renting an exotic car in Dubai, and to explore other daily and monthly car rental options that are currently available. Our managers will provide you with a comprehensive consultation regarding the rental terms and vehicle usage.

We offer a transparent deposit refund system, ensuring that all refunds are processed promptly. Our pricing structure is clear, with no hidden costs or penalties. We accept cashless deposits and provide all necessary documentation.

All of our vehicles are fully insured and are maintained to the highest technical and cosmetic standards. At car rental company Takeauto you can choose from a wide selection of premium cars from almost any brand. Most car rental companies in Dubai provide free replacement vehicle options if your car ever breaks down, goes through engine failure, or even meets an accident.

Our luxury car rental packages come with a competitive car rental price and a range of benefits to enhance your driving experience in Dubai. Whether you are looking to rent a high-end performance car for a special occasion or a luxury SUV for a family trip, we have the perfect car to meet your needs at a price that fits your budget. With our flexible rental plans, you can choose the duration of your rental, from a few hours to several days or even weeks, and enjoy unlimited mileage with no hidden fees. Contact us today to book your dream car at a reasonable car rental price.

Our managers are available to deliver your car to any specified location at any time of day.

Luxury car rental Dubai

We can offer you luxury cars, sports cars and exotic cars. You have a big choice to rent luxury cars in our luxury car fleet:

Rolls Royce, a distinguished luxury car brand, provides three distinct models - the Wraith, Ghost, and Cullinan. Premium car rental service in Dubai ensures that you can drive your desired luxurious cars Rolls Royce with ease.

Bentley is a British premium car brand that strikes a perfect balance between luxury and performance. From stunning convertibles to powerful SUVs, luxury car rental service in Dubai offers the Bentley Bentayga for a comfortable driving experience with a touch of excitement.

Mercedes Benz is well-known for their state-of-the-art driving technology and refined engine performance. We offer a range of Mercedes Benz models like the S 500, G63 AMG, Maybach S650, AMG GTR Pro, and GT63S for rental at the best prices.

Ferrari, a popular supercar brand, is renowned for its unique design, powerful engines, and superior handling. Our rental service provides you with the opportunity to experience all these aspects by renting a Ferrari of your choice, such as the grand tourer Roma, 488 Spider, or F8 Tributo Spider.

Lamborghini is an Italian supercar brand that stands out for its naturally aspirated engines and manufacturing some of the world's fastest cars. Our supercar rental service in Dubai offers the latest models of Lamborghini cars like the Aventador SVJ Roadster, Huracan STO, and Urus.

McLaren, an iconic racing brand, is famous for building supercars with remarkable design and performance. We offer you the chance to rent a McLaren of your choice from our range of models like the McLaren 720S Coupe and the 570S. Rental cars is easy with us.

Porsche is a renowned German car brand that has been producing powerful sports cars for over 90 years. We provide rental options for the Porsche Tayacan 4 Cross Turismo, Carrera 911, and Carrera 911 S, among others.

Takeauto as a premium car rental service also offers a range of other luxury brands like Audi, Range Rover, Cadillac, and BMW. Choose your preferred car model from our extensive range to ensure a pleasant driving experience in Dubai.

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