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Car Lease in the UAE

Leasing-to-own a car presents an economically beneficial and stress-free opportunity to experience a brand-new vehicle, offering set monthly payments over a predetermined duration. Additionally, you have the choice to buy the vehicle when the lease term concludes. We offer a diverse selection of leasing-to-own alternatives encompassing various car makes and models. Our agreements are clear and straightforward, devoid of concealed charges or additional fees, providing favorable conditions for all our clients.

Who Qualifies for Car Leasing-to-own?

Car leasing, whether for personal or business purposes, is accessible to everyone. If you possess a valid driver's license and passport, you have the opportunity to lease any car of your choice. Takeauto does not assess your creditworthiness and readily approves leasing-to-own, even for individuals with less-than-ideal credit scores.

Comparing Car Rental and Car Leasing-to-own in Dubai

When making a comparison between car rental and car leasing-to-own in Dubai, the primary distinction arises from the agreement's duration. Car rental typically serves as a short-term solution, ranging from mere hours to days, weeks, and occasionally a few months. Conversely, car leasing represents a long-term commitment, spanning over several years. In the context of Dubai, significant disparities exist in terms of required documentation, lessee responsibilities, dealership involvement, insurance, and supplementary expenses.

Why Opt for Leasing-to-own?

  • Convenience and Ease: Leasing-to-own offers the convenience of well-calculated monthly payments, making it accessible not only to individuals lacking the means to purchase a car outright but also to business owners aiming to maintain their company's financial stability. At Takeauto, we facilitate the gradual distribution of the car's purchase cost over several months, resulting in manageable monthly payments. This makes leasing an attractive choice for rental property owners who wish to continue generating profit while making monthly payments.
  • Deferred Ownership: Unlike extended rental agreements, leasing grants you ownership of the car once the contract reaches its conclusion. By settling the car's redemption payment at the end of the leasing-to-own, you assume full ownership of the vehicle. Takeauto ensures transparent contract terms, devoid of concealed fees or charges, making the transition to full ownership straightforward.
  • Minimal Documentation: The process of purchasing a car in Dubai often involves substantial documentation, which can be cumbersome to assemble. Additionally, securing a loan typically necessitates a favorable credit history. When leasing-to-own through Takeauto, all that's required is a valid passport and driver's license. We do not demand income verification, simplifying the acquisition of a car under favorable terms.
  • Car search based on preferences: If you find yourself uncertain about your preferences, our specialists are available to assist you in selecting the perfect car to meet your needs. With us, you can acquire any vehicle produced no earlier than 2021.
  • No Mileage Constraints: At Takeauto, unlike with extended rentals, we impose no mileage restrictions. You are free to use the car as much as necessary. It's crucial to note that our leasing contracts do not include concealed fees, fines, or penalties for delayed payments, setting us apart favorably from other leasing companies.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Car Leasing-to-own in Dubai

Car leasing in Dubai is a straightforward process with simple requirements. Once you've chosen the car model and lease duration, the rest of the process is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps to follow when leasing a car in Dubai:
  • Choose Your Desired Vehicle: Your first decision when leasing a car is selecting the specific model you want. In Dubai, cars are often more affordable compared to Europe or the United States. You have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of high-end vehicles as your own. Whether it's a luxury ride for a few months or a reliable vehicle for daily commuting, the choice is entirely yours. Takeauto offers a unique service - assistance from our specialists in selecting a car based on your requirements. We only offer cars that are no older than 2021.
  • Selecting the Lease Duration: You have the flexibility to choose the duration of the car lease, including one, two, three years, or even more. Longer lease periods often provide cost savings. At the end of the lease term, you can purchase the car at its redemption payment. At Takeauto, this can be done without any issues. We have no hidden fees or charges, and we do not impose penalties or fines for late payments. We offer flexible terms and the finest automobiles.
  • Gather Necessary Documents: Renting a car in Dubai typically requires minimal documentation, usually your valid passport and driver's license, in contrast to the more extensive process of buying or leasing a car.
  • Finalize the Lease Agreement: Concluding the lease agreement involves a visit to the car leasing company's office. You'll provide the necessary documents, review the lease contract, and make the down payment if the terms align with your preferences.
At Takeauto, we offer the convenience of monthly payments with no mileage restrictions, allowing you to use the car as you wish. Additionally, our contracts are designed to ensure no unexpected surprises at the end of the lease term. We do not include hidden fees, penalties, or late payment charges, setting us apart from other leasing companies in Dubai.

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