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What Documents do I Need to Lease a Car to an Expat in Dubai

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Car Lease in the UAE

WLeasing a car is a popular option for expats living in Dubai. It provides them with the flexibility and convenience of having their own vehicle without the long-term commitment of purchasing one. However, many expats are unsure about the documents required to lease a car. In this article, we will discuss the two essential documents needed for expats.
— The first and most important document needed is a passport or identification card. This document serves as proof of identity and is required by all car rental companies in Dubai. Expats must ensure that their passport or identification card is valid and not expired. Without a valid identification document, it will be impossible.

— The second document required to lease a car is a driving license. Expats must have a valid driving license from their home country or an international driving license. It is essential to check the driving license requirements before applying for a car lease. Some countries have an agreement with the United Arab Emirates, allowing their citizens to use their home country's driving license for up to six months. However, it is recommended to obtain an international driving license to ensure a smooth and hassle-free car leasing experience.

Now that we know the essential documents let us discuss the advantages of leasing-to-own with TakeAuto.

1. Credit history is not checked, and no job certificates are required: one of the significant advantages is that we do not check the credit history of expats. This means that even if expats have a limited or no credit history in Dubai, they can still lease a car. Additionally, expats are not required to provide any job certificates, making the leasing process quick and convenient.

2. Same-day delivery is available for cars in stock: we understand the importance of prompt service, especially for expats who need a car immediately. Therefore, we offer same-day delivery for cars that are in stock. This means that expats can choose a car from their available inventory and have it delivered to their doorstep on the same day. It saves time and eliminates the need to wait for an extended period to lease a car.

3. Approval rate is 98%: TakeAuto boasts an impressive approval rate of 98%. This means that almost all expats who apply for a car lease are approved. This high approval rate gives expats the confidence that they will be able to lease a car without any hassles or rejections.

4. No fines or penalties for early termination of the lease agreement: we understand that circumstances may change, and expats may need to terminate their lease agreement early. Unlike many car rental companies, we do not impose fines or penalties for early termination of the lease agreement. This provides expats with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances without incurring additional costs.

In conclusion, expats in Dubai need two essential documents to lease a car - a valid passport/identification card and a driving license. We offer several advantages for expats looking to lease a car, including no credit history check, same-day delivery, a high approval rate, and no fines or penalties for early termination of the lease agreement. With these advantages, expats can enjoy the benefits of having their own car in Dubai without any unnecessary hassle or inconvenience.

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