Lease-to-own cars in the UAE

What are the advantages of leasing a car?

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Car Lease in the UAE

Leasing or buying a car involves differences in ownership and usage. With leasing, you essentially rent the car for a specific period, typically 12 or 36 months, with restrictions on mileage and modifications. At Takeauto, you're not leasing a car; you're purchasing it, but the total amount is divided into monthly payments.

On the other hand, when you buy a car, you immediately become its owner. Whether paying in cash or through financing, you gain full control over the vehicle. However, you need to pay the entire amount upfront, which can be substantial. Whether for business or individual purchase, you have to allocate all the money at once, which might be less convenient. You have the flexibility to decide whether to keep the car, trade it in, sell it, or gift it. Understanding these differences is crucial when choosing between leasing and buying a car.

Benefits of Leasing

Car leasing offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive choice for many drivers:

  • Comfortable Monthly Payments: Leasing is usually accompanied by comfortable monthly payments compared to purchasing, providing financial flexibility.
  • Initial Deposit: In Takeauto, there is always a down payment. On average, it is 25% of the total cost of the car. One advantage is that it is not a deposit that goes nowhere; essentially, it is already a payment for a portion of the car.
  • No Resale Hassles: At the end of the lease, you can buy the car, making it your property. Afterward, you can resell it if needed.
  • Mileage Flexibility: Lease agreements can include mileage options, catering to individual needs and preferences. Takeauto does not impose mileage restrictions, as the vehicle becomes the client's property at the end of the contract.
  • In conclusion, leasing offers an economical, flexible, and hassle-free alternative for those seeking a reliable means of transportation without committing to the immediate full cost of a vehicle.

Why Opt for Leasing?

  • Convenience and Flexibility. Leasing, featuring well-calculated monthly payments, is a convenient option not only for individuals lacking the means to purchase a car outright but also for business owners aiming to avoid an immediate withdrawal of the entire sum from their company's budget. With Takeauto, spreading the car purchase amount over several months is a straightforward process, allowing for manageable monthly payments. Even rental owners find leasing appealing, as they can make monthly payments while utilizing the vehicle in their business operations and generating profits.
  • Deferred Ownership. In contrast to long-term rentals, leasing entails ownership of the car upon the expiration of the contract. Paying the car's residual value at the contract's end makes you the full owner of the vehicle. Takeauto provides transparent contract terms devoid of hidden fees or charges.
  • Minimal Documentation. Traditional car purchases in Dubai often involve a substantial amount of documentation, which can be challenging to compile. Additionally, obtaining a good credit history is typically required when seeking a loan. However, when leasing with Takeauto, all you need is a valid passport and a driver's license. Income verification is not required. Acquiring a car on favorable terms becomes easy and straightforward with us.
  • Custom Car Selection: If you have any doubts about your preferences, our specialists can help you choose the perfect car that suits your needs. You can lease any car with us that is no older than 2021.
  • No Mileage Restrictions at Takeauto. Unlike long-term rentals, our contracts impose no mileage restrictions. You can use the car as much as you need. It's important to note that our contract includes no hidden fees, fines, or penalties for late payments, setting us apart favorably from other leasing companies.
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How to Lease-to-Own a Car in Dubai?

Renting a car in Dubai is a simple process with the following general steps to guide you through the city:

  • Choose a reputable car rental company: Begin by researching and selecting a well-established car rental company in Dubai. Look for a company with a reliable track record, clear terms, and a diverse fleet of vehicles.
  • Select your desired car: Once you've identified a car rental company, browse their inventory and choose the car that suits your preferences. Consider factors such as the make, model, size, and features that meet your specific needs.
  • Review the rental agreement: Thoroughly review the rental agreement, examining terms and conditions, payment structures, and any additional fees. Ensure a clear understanding of all details before signing the agreement.
  • Provide required documents: Typically, you'll need to submit necessary documents, such as a valid passport and driver's license, to complete the rental process.
  • Pay any upfront costs: Prepare to cover upfront costs, such as the initial month's rental payment, as specified in the agreement.
  • Take possession of your rental car: Once all formalities are complete and payments are settled, you'll receive the keys to your rented vehicle.
  • Purchase the vehicle: At the lease term's conclusion, you may choose to purchase the vehicle by paying the residual value.
Renting a car in Dubai is a convenient choice for both residents and visitors, providing the flexibility of a car with manageable monthly payments and a purchase option without undisclosed fees. Choosing a reliable rental company, such as Takeauto, ensures access to a broad range of cars and flexible terms tailored to your preferences. Takeauto in Dubai offers transparent terms, well-detailed contracts, and a seamless experience, whether you're leasing for personal or business use.

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