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How to calculate car lease payment?

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Car Lease in the UAE

The Auto Leasing Calculator can assist in estimating monthly lease payments based on the total vehicle price or vice versa. For additional information or to perform calculations related to leasing in general, please use the Lease Calculator.

Exploring Auto Leasing

Leasing-to-own is a contractual agreement that allows one party to transfer ownership of a property to another party in exchange for periodic payments. In the context of automobiles, auto leasing allows an individual to drive a car for a specific period by making an initial down payment and subsequent monthly lease payments until the lease expires. At the end of the lease term, the customer can make a symbolic payment of 1000 dirhams, and the car becomes their property. Auto leasing-to-own can be viewed as an extended car rental, whereas standard car rentals typically last for just a day or even a few hours, auto leases with subsequent purchase options usually run for two to four years. Many leasing agreements include the option to buy the leased vehicles at a predetermined price after the lease term ends. Most auto leases can be obtained at dealerships or from private car sellers.

When calculating the monthly leasing-to-own payment for any vehicle, several factors are taken into account:

  • Vehicle Price (Capitalized Cost): This refers to the retail price of the car. Negotiating this figure down, as you would when buying a car, can result in a more affordable lease. In fact, many experts recommend negotiating with car dealers as if you were purchasing the car outright, and only after reaching the desired price should you disclose your intention to lease.
  • Lease Term: This is the duration of the lease, typically ranging from 2 to 4 years.
  • redemption payment (End-of-Lease Value): Essentially, this is the estimated value of the car at the end of the lease. Financial institutions that issue leasing contracts, rather than dealers, set redemption payments on vehicles. It represents an approximation of the car's worth at the end of the lease period. The difference between the car's price and its redemption payment determines the car's depreciation after the lease, which is amortized over the lease term. Consequently, auto leasing is often more cost-effective for vehicles with slower depreciation, as they retain their redemption payments well.
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Why Opt for Leasing-to-own?

  • Convenience and ease are the primary reasons for choosing leasing. Leasing, with its well-calculated monthly payments, offers comfort not only to individuals who may not have the means to buy a car outright but also to business owners looking to avoid withdrawing a large sum from their company's budget immediately. Takeauto makes it simple to spread the cost of purchasing a car over several months through manageable monthly payments. Even rental property owners prefer leasing as they can make monthly payments while utilizing the vehicle for their business, generating profit along the way.
  • Deferred Ownership. Unlike long-term rentals, leasing-to-own ultimately leads to car ownership when the contract expires. You pay the car's redemption payment at the end of the lease, becoming the full owner of the vehicle. Takeauto provides transparent contract terms with no hidden fees or charges, ensuring a straightforward process.
  • Minimal Documentation. Buying a car in Dubai typically involves extensive documentation, which can be cumbersome to gather. Additionally, securing a loan often necessitates a strong credit history. When leasing-to-own with Takeauto, all that's required is a valid passport and a driver's license. We don't mandate income verification. Acquiring a car on favorable terms becomes a hassle-free experience with us.
  • No Mileage Restrictions at Takeauto. Unlike long-term rentals, we impose no mileage limitations. You can use the car as much as you require. It's worth noting that our contract contains no concealed fees, fines, or penalties for late payments, setting us apart favorably from other leasing companies.
Leasing-to-own a car in Dubai, especially with Takeauto, is an excellent choice for residents and visitors seeking the convenience of driving a car with comfortable monthly payments and a transparent purchasing process devoid of hidden fees and charges. Takeauto provides flexible terms and a seamless experience, making it an ideal option for those contemplating car leasing in Dubai.

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