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Car Lease in the UAE

Despite the UAE's active efforts to expand and enhance the public transportation system throughout the country, waiting for a bus in 45-degree heat can be a real challenge. This is especially difficult for local residents and tourists who want to explore the country rather than hide in air-conditioned shopping centers. That's why many prefer to get around by car, especially considering the wide range of car rental and car leasing services available in the UAE. Whether you're looking for car rental in Abu Dhabi or planning to rent a car in Dubai, you'll find plenty of options for both short-term and long-term rentals to meet your needs and ensure a comfortable stay in the UAE.

Takeauto offers the option to purchase a car on an installment plan. You choose the car you like, or our expert helps you find the right one, and you simply make comfortable monthly payments for it. It's not traditional renting; it's buying on an installment plan. Our system allows every customer to own the car they like.

What makes long-term car rentals different from leasing-to-own?

Long-term car rentals and monthly payment leasing are two separate methods of using a vehicle, each with its distinct characteristics and conditions.

Long-term car rental, as the name suggests, entails renting a car for an extended period, often spanning several months or even a year. It's important to note that this does not involve buying the car at the end of the rental period. When you opt for a long-term rental, you make monthly rental payments for the car's use, but ownership remains with the company or individual providing the rental. Long-term rentals usually include insurance and maintenance as part of the rental fee, making them a convenient choice.

On the other hand, monthly payment leasing-to-own involves purchasing a car with a down payment, followed by regular monthly payments. The lease period typically ranges from a few months to 36 months. During this period, you become the full owner of the vehicle, but you continue to make predetermined monthly payments. At the end of the leasing term, you typically have the option to buy the car by paying its redemption payment, thus becoming its rightful owner.

The key difference between long-term car rental and leasing lies in the fact that long-term rental does not involve acquiring or owning the car, while leasing allows you to purchase the vehicle and potentially become its full owner when the lease term ends. The choice between these options depends on your specific needs and preferences for vehicle usage.
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Benefits of Leasing-to-own

  • Convenience and Flexibility: Leasing-to-own, with its well-calculated monthly payments, offers convenience to individuals who may not have the means to purchase a car outright. It is also beneficial for business owners who prefer not to allocate a significant portion of their company's budget upfront. Leasing allows for the gradual distribution of the car's purchase amount over several months, making monthly payments manageable.
  • Deferred Ownership: Unlike long-term rentals, leasing implies eventual ownership of the car once the contract ends. You can acquire the vehicle by paying its redemption payment at the conclusion of the lease, becoming the full owner. Takeauto provides transparent contract terms with no hidden fees or charges.
  • Minimal Documentation: Traditional car purchases often involve extensive documentation and may require a strong credit history when seeking a loan. Leasing-to-own with Takeauto, however, only requires a valid passport and a driver's license, without the need for income verification. Acquiring a car on favorable terms is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • No Mileage Restrictions: Unlike long-term rentals, Takeauto imposes no mileage restrictions. You can use the car as much as you need without incurring additional fees or penalties for late payments, distinguishing us favorably from other leasing companies.
At Takeauto, we offer the convenience of monthly payments with no mileage restrictions, allowing you to use the car as you wish. Additionally, our contracts are designed to ensure no unexpected surprises at the end of the lease term. We do not include hidden fees, penalties, or late payment charges, setting us apart from other leasing companies in Dubai.

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